How Cuts To Local Authorities In Leicestershire Will Affect Wheelie Bins

The Change in Bin Collections

The Council is short on cash, and the bin collections are being changed from weekly to fortnightly as a result. This will affect over 41,000 homes. The Blaby District Council approved the decision, and anyone living in Croft, Enderby, Stoney, Thurlaston, Stanton or Sapcote may be affected. It’s not just Blaby who are struggling, Councils across the County have recently resorted to additional costs for garden waste, the brown bin charge catering for the lack of funding from central government has been introduced for Hinckley & Bosworth, Harborough and Charnwood waste disposal.

The Funding Reduction

There was a reduction of £745,000 in external funding for the recycling services. The government used to give £240,000 to the District Council each year, and the Leicestershire County Council gave an additional £505,000. A warning was issued to these Districts this funding may disappear.

The Consultation Exercise

A consultation exercise occurred last year between October and November. There was an in-depth study regarding the data, and this resulted in over 8,800 responses. The decision of the Council was to make the collections fortnightly beginning this summer.

The Decision

According to Terry Richardson, the Council leader, the new scheme will be a contributing factor in closing the financial gap. This gap is due to a substantial decrease in the funding. The design of the scheme should ensure all service remains first-rate.

Terry Richardson additionally spoke of the value of the feedback received. He thanked the residents that participated for their time and views. He said he understood the residents did not welcome this type of change, but it is comparable to the services offered by the other Councils.

He finished by assuring the residents their transition would be effectively managed by quality staff. He stated he would be available for any questions, and said the residents would be proud of the service delivered.

The Large Households

Large bins will be available for big households, if they are unable to manage with the change. These bins are free, but if any resident needs a bigger bin than they are qualified for there will be a one-off charge for an amount not yet determined.

The Sizes

The smallest are 140-litre wheelie bins. The Council is offering a free 280-litre bin if the household has three occupants. These households are entitled to a free 380-litre bin if the household has four to six occupants. A free 480-litre bin is available if the household has seven or more occupants.

The Statement

Terry Richardson stated most residents will not see a change in the size of their bin. If they meet the criteria for a larger bin, they must make the arrangements. If they do not meet the criteria, they may have to pay an additional fee. More details will be available when they are finalized.

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